The Mission


New Valley Church exists to worship God by seeing as many people as possible transformed by the Gospel.

The Vision 

Living For The Sake Of The Gospel

Core Values



It all starts with Jesus. Through the cross of Jesus, God reconciles people to himself and restores us to how we were meant to be. This redemption transforms us from the inside-out and is the basis for all we do.


Redemption always leads to mission when the people of God take the good news of Jesus to those around them. Jesus saved us for a purpose, and our lives are not our own. Mission is and always will be the heartbeat of the church.


We were never meant to do life alone, and what's more, we have no hope of accomplishing our mission outside of community. The church is more than a social club, it is the hands and feet of Jesus to this world.

We want to form a culture of multiplication. Being a fully devoted follower of Jesus means that your faith will reproduce in the lives of others. When redemption leads to mission and mission drives our community, the outcome will be the multiplication of our faith in the lives of others. We are disciples that always seek to make other disciples. We must be intentional in forming environments that lead to that. From Sunday morning to Gospel Communities to our personal lives, we must intentionally seek to multiply our faith in the lives of others.